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One year of loving you down, forever to go. You are my moon. We were made to love eachother.Me (Kate): bob hair??, http://www.c4rdiac.tumblr.comHer (Kait): shorter hair??,
LJ || 18 || go ahead, get in my ask box. 
Me (left) and my beautiful girlfriend of 20 months. 18 & 20 from Australia. Obviously not looking for anyone but feel free to give us a follow, we’ll follow back! Her blog is lesbian, humour, brittana and mine is boho, urban, lesbian! :)Madi- http://that-summerr-lovee.tumblr.comKassy-

Anonymous asked: Im still figuring it out but I like girls more than guys. I really want to tell my best friend but im afraid she wont act the same around me because we act really gay already but If I tell her I like girl she might not be the same around me.

Why dont u take a chance? Maybe shes in the same situation as you